The Type B to Vincent’s Type A personality, I bring the stress levels down so that our creative ideas can thrive
— Mary Tihoni

It's true, Vincent  and Mary are about as contrasting as two personalities can get.  Mary is an artist at heart and although the success of every marketing campaign is important, she tends to let Vincent handle the strict deadline-based projects.  Mary's experience in the arts and in customer service based roles in the hospitality industry have given her a great pedigree for the content marketing industry.  When Vincent decided to take the leap into starting Moana Creative Marketing he immediately turned to the one person he knew could feed the business with a constant flow of creative, engaging ideas.  Mary's artistic vision is a huge factor in making Moana Creative Marketing stand apart from other agencies.  She knows what is appealing to the eye because her passion has always been in the visual arts.  She's also that person who always seems to take the best pictures without even trying.  Though education in the arts is great, there are few people who take it upon themselves to create it, promote it, and display it publicly.  Mary is calm, but without fear.  She knows how to listen without judgement and is a great representative of the Moana Creative Marketing brand.