A creative voice based specifically on your brand and culture

Marketing has evolved from a reliance on disruptive messages to one that seeks to establish a personal connection with your target market. Though the ultimate goal is the same (sales), your marketing message just can't come across as pure sales pitch any longer. Today's consumer is empowered with an endless array of options when it comes to buying goods and/or services.  That is why content and inbound marketing is so important for any business, regardless of size.  Why?  Because inbound marketing is based on building relationships, and since your customers respect transparency you must establishing yourself as a trusted source of information (content) not only within your industry but within your community.  Moana Creative Marketing will make sure your brand is one that is trusted by your target audience by creating ethical and logical copy and content that connects on a personal level...because that is what works.  

Your marketing message must plant the seed of persuasion with your target market.  The old, disruptive way of marketing no longer works.

So what does this mean?

It means that just because we know the current "buzz" words or what is trending, that doesn't always make it the right fit for your content marketing campaign. Our primary goal isn't to make everything we post for your company go "viral" (of course it can happen, and is the fortunate reward offered by some social media content).  Moana Creative Marketing's primary focus is on helping micro and small businesses connect on a personal level with their customers.  The businesses we seek to help don't need to be internet famous, they need to reach their target market on a personal, emotional level in order to motivate action.  Let viral content be the concern of people who rely on internet fame to make a living.  We want to make your small business' social media platforms and email campaigns sources of quality information; the kind that turns friends into new clients and new clients into lifetime patrons.

Let viral content be the concern of people who rely on internet fame to make a living.